Meme Crusher Review - Create a Viral Traffic Source

Meme Crusher Review - Create a Viral Traffic Source

Meme Crusher

Meme Crusher, by Paul Cliffort, is software that lets you find, create and publish Memes to the net. As you know Meme is really a viral image that may bring viral visitors to your internet site.

Here is among example about meme.

Could be you think it’s easy to create. However have a look at the meme creation process:

- Locate a cool background

- Locate an attractive image

- Use Photoshop or any other program to insert your caption

- Save it in your computer.

In the event you don’t know anything about Photoshop, that’s quite tough to create meme. Some individuals will say I’ll use online tool. Let’s answer the question: How will you eliminate the brand onto it?

That’s certainly one of advantage Meme Crusher gives to you personally.

Paul Clifford is intelligent engineer. He provides for us a cool chance to create viral images.

Let’s discover it…

Here are the things you should know about Meme Crusher

How it allows you to make viral images?

With this software you may be easy to have your personal meme in 4 steps:

 The first step: Choose your background. Meme Crusher has 50 popular backgrounds. Why you need to select the popular background? Because it's easy to become viral.

 And you can your personal background if you would like, needless to say.

 Step two: Choose your image. If you have your own image, that’s good to use. Or even, you will find it around the biggest gallery through meme crusher. Whenever you get the best image for the meme, it’s time and energy to proceed the next thing.

 Step three: Put in a Caption. This is the most important part to make sure you meme will engage readers. If you want to use a guide about caption catcher, you should think about getting the upsell product.

 Step four: Publish your image. After adding your caption, it’s time to publish. With Meme Crusher, you have 2 choices: Save it within your computer or publish to the web. It helps you to definitely publish viral images to Facebook, Pinterest as well as your WordPress blog. They may be famous destination to get traffic.

How the way to create and publish your own meme with Meme Crusher.

The professionals of Meme Crusher

 You can make meme in under Five minutes.

 It has famous backgrounds with good conversion.

 You can select image in the biggest online library.

 Easy to make viral images.

 You don’t need to know about Photoshop.

 You may add your brand in your pictures

 It has Sixty days cash back guarantee.

The Cons

 The time you create meme depends upon both your sense and speed of your web connection (if you learn image on its library).

 The caption is tough to move. If you want to move the caption with other place, you have to make use of the space button.

 That’s it!

 With those pros and cons, I believe Meme Crusher will probably be


 - People who has humor sense.

 - Those who would like to get viral traffic without a lot of effort.

 - Individuals who desire to engage their readers.

 - Individuals who want to make money from building their list.

 - Individuals who want to make money from advertising on their blog.

 - Those who learn from their mistakes.

 Not for:

 - Individuals who don’t have humor sense.

 - People intend to make money fast.

 - Individuals who don’t desire to build their list.

Some expenses your family will enjoy if you are using Meme Crusher.

- Money to buy premium pictures. Sometimes you will need cool pictures which you find on the web by using browsers.

- Money to invest in list building. It’s exactly about domain, hosting and autoresponder. It’s not essential.

Now let’s discuss how Meme Crusher can help you.

Meme Crusher

Meme Crusher is not a tool that helps you are making a lot of money instantly. It’s tool that assists you drive traffic towards your site. However it needs time to work to obtain effect. With Meme Crusher it is possible to create a huge community on your own. Let’s see an example (fanpage). By drive viral traffic, you can make HUGE money from CPA or advertising networks.

I think, $47 with 60 days money-back guarantee is cool price with this tool. Let’s go ahead and take benefit of it.